Fox News Bait and Switch

by milesstoneman

The headline of a recent article on Fox News reads: “California’s strict gun laws no deterrent for San Jose gunman”

So you can be excused if you think that the article has been written to support the 2nd Amendment guaranteed rights of the citizens of the United States. It wasn’t.

The article is written to push the enactment of more strict FEDERAL gun laws. Really.

As you read, you discover that the California STATE gun laws didn’t work because of the lax laws of the surrounding states. And we will only be able to stop the tragedy of gun violence by enacting more strict FEDERAL gun laws. Then all the surrounding states will have the same gun laws as those who already want to stop gun violence.

I kid you not. And it’s not an opinion piece. It’s supposed to be a news article.

Remember, I told you before, Fox News is not a Conservative outlet. They’re just a little to the right of CNN, but not much.