One More Stupid “Just Do Something” Idea

Recently, in an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner, Tom Joyce suggested that one thing which The 46th President could do right now to deal with gun violence is – wait for it – A GUN BUYBACK PROGRAM!

Complaining that mean Republicans who are owned by the NRA won’t do anything useful about the guns in our society, he suggests that: “Rather, the federal government could create a program that provides grants and resources for states, cities, and towns that want to hold voluntary gun buyback programs. Costs for such a program could be low since gun buybacks typically involve exchanging a gun for a gift card, and businesses can donate gift cards.

First of all, you can’t “buyback” anything you didn’t sell. And that alone isn’t enough to keep this idea off of the books; there is this: a buyback program merely turns the government into a fencing operation. Low level criminals will sell stolen guns to the government.

Then of course, these programs have never worked. In fact, the author admits, AT THE END OF THE PIECE, that “The consensus on voluntary gun buybacks is that they don’t get guns out of the hands of criminals, as the Department of Justice points out. We shouldn’t expect criminals in Chicago and Detroit to stop by these events so they can pick up a Red Lobster gift card, but it could be one small step toward reducing gun violence in the country.”

Since the idiots in power have a vested interest in allowing a free pass, with benefits, to the group which produces the most gun violence, they really can’t solve it. The Vice President is reportedly interested in looking for “root causes”, she might look into this statistic: about 85% of violent criminals were raised in homes without dads. Perhaps we can try to fund marriage in our cities, rather than fund single-mothering through our welfare programs. Now there’s an idea we could get behind, It just might work.