Don’t Let ’em Divide Us

by milesstoneman

This morning I took Rinti for a walk in the local cemetery. She thinks it’s a park. Don’t tell her. There were 3 black women walking there, they appeared to be 3 different generations – maybe the same family.

As they came abreast of us, I turned to them:

Me: Excuse me. I rarely talk to strangers, but if I may be so bold, I just wanted to say, Don’t let ’em divide us. We’re all Americans. Don’t let ’em divide us.

I began to cry. I know they must have thought that I was some crazy old man with his equally old dog.

But the enemies of this country will have to accomplish several things before they can destroy us:

  1. They will have to disarm us.
  2. They will have to divide us.
  3. They will have to demoralize us.
  4. Then they will destroy us.

Don’t let ’em divide us. We are all Americans.