Time to let their chickens come home to roost.

by milesstoneman

My wife received a “forward” from a family member to support a petition arguing against the bills now moving through Congress which would require women to register for the draft.

She decided to support the protest. That’s her call.

I’m of two minds: (1) If the “women” they want to draft are my granddaughters – then NO. I don’t think women belong in the military in any position. War, and wars are fought by the military, is a man’s department. NO Girls Allowed. Period.

But, (2) if they mean women like the ones pictured above; women who believe that there is no difference between men and women; women who protest and “fight” for equality with men; women who would kill their babies to achieve that equality – then YES. HELL YES!

I say, it’s time to give ’em what they want. They want to be men – let ’em. No doubt we will have plenty of wars to do while they are still young enough to do them.

See how easy this is?

Of course, my granddaughters believe that there is a role for women which does not include killing and maiming other persons. They believe that women were meant to be helpers for husbands, and builders of homes. And I would stand against having them drafted into the military. But those other women…just be careful of what you wish for.