Showing your cards is not a great strategy in poker.

Recently, the Biden administration revealed exactly how many nuclear warheads we possess. Their reason? The other side will now be pressured to tell how many they have! Take that – China and Russia!

According to a new article, “Daryl Kimball, the ACA’s executive director, told CNN that Wednesday’s announcement could put pressure on Russia and China to be more forthcoming about their stockpiles.”

Let’s do a thought experiment:

You’re in a gunfight with a bad guy. He shouts across to you, “How much ammo you got?” You reply, “I only have 8 bullets left!” Can you see how he might use that information to his advantage? Better to shout “I have enough to keep this up all day, pal!”

Democrats are out to completely destroy this country. They are determined to spend us into poverty, disarm both our citizens and our nation, and allow our enemies to just walk in and take over.

I don’t know whether to say, “God help us!” or “Maranatha!”