“Living” with uncertainty…

by milesstoneman

One of the main theologies of Leftism is that humans can control everything. We can eliminate or create anything we want to. I call BS. If there is anything certain in this life, on this planet, it’s that uncertainty rules. Disaster always looms. Evil can be mitigated, but not eradicated.

Now, Australia and New Zealand have decided to stop trying to “conquer” COVID; they’ve decided to “live” with it. Wonder why? Lawrence Young, a virologist and professor of molecular oncology at the University of Warwick, told CNBC Monday:

“That doesn’t mean that NZ’s and Australia’s robust approach to managing the pandemic – strict border restrictions, quarantine measures and strong contact tracing – hasn’t been effective but continued heavy restrictions are damaging to individuals and society,” he said.

So it seems that since we cannot control everything, we will have to merely choose between difficult positions. And find something we can “live with”. Because, “restrictions are damaging to individuals and society.”

Look at this picture:

Australian Police have tackled a suspect. A violent terrorist? Nope. A demonstrator at a protest against lockdowns. That would be an UNARMED protestor. They long ago took away the ability of most Australians to legally own guns.

Is there a lesson here? Yep.

According to Leftist theology, we can eliminate crime by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. They simply call it “gun-control”. But the control will not be a control of either guns or crime, it will be a control of you.

Remember what the good doctor said earlier: “restrictions are damaging to individuals and society”.

And if they can’t control a virus, they can’t control evil either. They want your guns so that they can control YOU. Let’s keep our guns and keep America free. We don’t want to be all California or certainly not the new Australia or New Zealand.