It’s time to make America great again.

Donald-Trump-and-Hillary-Clinton-1062x598Make America great again.

Mr. Trump has chosen that as his campaign slogan.  Mrs. Clinton, black athletes, entertainers and street thugs are campaigning on the theory that America could be great, although, in their view, it never has been.  They are only able to see her faults and their desire to progressively make her perfect.  For them, greatness is a progressive program, not a return to a foundational greatness.

Individual liberty and Christian morals are the foundation of our greatness.  Now, sadly,minuteman both of those touchstones are gone, retold to our children like fairy tales or myths of some ancient past.

Make America great again.

Although the foundation is cracked, it’s repairable.  What if we:

  • required and rewarded work rather than transferring wealth from the producers to the non-producers at the point of a government gun.


  • punished crime, starting with punishing children for misbehavior in our homes and our schools.


  • stopped celebrating single-motherhood and out-of-wedlock births and remembered the shame of unmarried sexual activity and it’s consequence.


  • refrain from giving citizenship to everyone who asks, or sneaks over the border to have their children here, and instead offered it only to those whose parents are already citizens or to those who can demonstrate a willingness to become American without a hyphenation.


  • return to gender identity based on God-given physical attributes and recovered a sacred belief in marriage between opposite genders, remembering that homosexuality has always been a perversion of God’s law.


  • insist on freedom of religion for non-Christians, but made it clear that this is a Christian nation, not a nation with no religion or religious traditions.


  • elected men and women of character to our highest offices.


What if we made America great again at it’s foundation?