Do you believe in magic?

avatar 013For thousands of years, humans have used magic to ward off unpleasant and dangerous things which they are unable to control otherwise.  Magic takes the form of magical words, magical potions, and magical objects.  We call magical objects:  amulets.  According to Wikipedia:  An amulet can be any object but its most important characteristic is its alleged power to protect its owner from danger or harm.

To ward off gun violence, liberals use this amulet:

Gun Free Zone They believe that displaying it on buildings will keep gun violence out of that building, and that the persons inside will be safe.  Like magic.

Gun owners often use an amulet as well.  It looks like this:

King Tuk 010Having a gun on your waist, in a concealed carry holster will not protect you any better than the amulet that liberals use unless you have been trained in its use, and practice that training often.

Barrett Tillman said, “You won’t rise to the occasion – you’ll default to your level of training.

If you aren’t trained; if you don’t practice; and if you aren’t ready to violently defend yourself when it becomes necessary, you gun is an amulet.

Do you believe in magic?