Shooters’ Insurance

The decision to shoot often has to be made in seconds – or less.  Crowding your mind will be The_Clock_Is_Ticking_1questions about the possible legal aftermath.  There won’t be space, or time to think about the financial aftermath.  And you won’t have to, IF you carry shooting insurance.

635972657381686896-042616david-baileyIn April, 2014, David McLaughlin of Dunkirk, Indiana responded to an alarm on his garage.  He saw David Bailey running from it.  Mr. McLaughlin ran into the alleyway, shooting at the fleeing burglar.  Mr. Bailey was hit in the arm.  By now, if you’ve been keeping up with these posts, you know what happened next to Mr. McLaughlin.  He was charged with recklessness.  First of all, you635972657387146931-042616David-McLaughlin can’t shoot a fleeing burglar, and secondly, you just can’t send multiple bullets into your neighborhood with no regard for where they might actually stop.

In any case, that seemed to be the end of the matter.  Mr. Bailey was convicted of burglary and sentenced to electronic detention for three years, and Mr. McLaughlin was convicted of recklessness and sentenced to 60 days in jail and four months on electronic detention.

logoCue the lawyers.

With the help of his new lawyers, Mr. Bailey has filed a civil suit against Mr. McLaughlin for damages.  It’s unlikely that Mr. McLaughlin’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of litigation, much less the award if he loses the suit, since he was convicted of a crime resulting from his actions.  How much will a lawyer cost him?  How will he pay the award if he loses?  Since he was found guilty of a crime, he’s on his own, probably.

What about you?  What if you do everything right, and are no billed, but the fool you shot sues anyway?

Cue the shooter’s insurance.logo

I carry Second Call Defense.  Second Call Defense is complete legal and financial protection in case you use your firearms for lawful self-defense or the lawful defense of another.  But since most of us will never use a firearm in self-defense,  you might be tempted to think it is an unnecessary expense.  Like all insurance, it is a necessary expense ONLY if the probability of a claim exists.  Well, despite your best safety practices, accidents do happen.  And Second Call Defense also covers you for an accidental shooting which might happen on the range or at home or even while hunting.

There are several groups offering shooter’s insurance, today, but Second Call Defense isnraorg_logo endorsed by the NRA and is administered by Lockton Affinity LLC and underwritten by Lloyds of London.  Those are good reasons to consider it.

grasshopperChoose wisely, grasshopper.  Although firearms are comforting to carry, and fun to use, owning a firearm is a serious business.  You should own them, but you shouldn’t have to worry about what can go wrong every time you handle yours.  And you won’t worry if you carry shooter’s insurance.  If you carry a gun, carry Second Call Defense.