Boiling to Death, One Degree at a Time

Logo TCB“Do I have to put my birthdate on the form?” Mrs Stoneman asked.

We were applying for  library cards in our newly selected hometown, and the form asked for, among other things, a birthdate.  The librarian responded, “We’re not asking for a Social Security Number.  We just want a way to find you if we need to.”  I wasn’t sure how a birthdate would help with that.  I wondered if they would know if I put a fake date down.  I couldn’t take the chance on being caught.  They already had our driver’s licenses in front of them.

We wanted the cards.  We supplied the private information, which, as far as I could see, had nothing to do with checking out library books.  But they were the central authority here.

I last gave blood to the Red Cross over 20 years ago.  A young female asked for my SSN.  I refused to give it.  It had nothing to do with blood donation.  She said that I couldn’t give blood without giving up the number.  I went home and have never gone back.  Then one time I tried to purchase AAA batteries with cash at Radio Shack.  The clerk insisted on an email address for the computerized cash register.  I said no.  He said it was required.  I left and spent my money elsewhere.  Those were the good old days.  You could still say no.

By now, you’ve all seen the news that the “re-registration” of firearms has begun in Washington D.C.  Make no mistake, your little village is next on the list.  And you, no doubt, feel as I do, that the train of privacy seems to have left the station long ago, and there’s no way of turning it back now. I’m beyond discouraged.  “Dispirited” is the word I would choose if I could only enter one word a day into my diary.

The central authority claims that gun registration will enhance officer safety.  Nonsense.  There can be only one reason for registration – confiscation.  Don’t let yourself be kidded.  The central authority, local/state/federal, wants your guns.

The book of Revelation predicts that, one day,  you won’t be able to buy or sell without permission from the central authority.  Vice President Joe Biden wants to make that a reality now, at least as far as firearms are concerned.  All in the name of safety, of course.

We wanted those library cards.  We complied with the central authority.  I’m not sure what I’ll do when the central authority requires me to register my firearms.  I need to decide.  You need to decide.  Firearms registration is coming soon to a town near you.